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Parody: Floyd Mayweather Replies to The Man's Open Letter

  • Parody: Floyd Mayweather Replies to The Man's Open Letter

Here at the Stitch Up we are the first to receive Floyd Mayweather's reply to Anthony Mundine's open letter. 

Dear Anthony,

Read your letter yesterday champ and wanted to holla back to you as soon as possible.

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Your letter made me laugh little man, did your parents help you write it? 

It's great that young kids like you are getting involved with boxing! It is such a great way to make new friends, stay fit and healthy too, so keep it up. If you keep practicing maybe one day I will take you up on your offer for a fight. I have no doubt it would be a 50/50 fight, little man: a genuine boxing spectacular!

Until that day keep practicing and keep studying at school! You can't just hang your coat on being the uncrowned best athlete of all time Anthony. Study your spelling and grammar and then you really will be The Man. One little tip for the future too Anthony: don't use emoticons in a letter ;P

You have a great attitude Anthony, keep up that enthusiasm and confidence! Just be careful though, people may think you are arrogant if you are too confident. Saying things like you "truly believe I was put on this earth for you to beat" could be misconstrued as arrogant by some people. 

I was sad to see that you quit rugby too Anthony. But good for you for taking a stand against racism! It takes real strength to stand up to bullies! But if you think schoolyard politics is bad in primary school, just wait until you get to high school!

Keep up the good work Anthony. Maybe one day if you have kept up your boxing and I'm ever in the "Land of the Kangaroo" we can have a friendly spar.

I signed a pair of gloves for you too "The Man". I hope you like them.

Yours Truly,

Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

*DISCLAIMER - Views expressed here are that not of Fans Unite and are the expressed views of the author. 

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