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Secret Recording

  • Secret Recording
Originally created on QLD Maroons by Aaron Robinson.

The Maroons were able to slip a bug into the NSW locker room. The following was recorded in the Blues' dressing room after their one point loss to QLD. 

Gallen: Well that was hopeless boys. You lot looked as though you couldn't win an argument out there, letalone a game of Origin footy. 

Daley: That's a bit rough Gall.

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Gallen: Robbie, no offense mate, but you're a hopeless captain. You couldn't lead a thirsty horse to water. How did you ever get to be captain of the Tigers?

Farah: Had anyone who questioned me fired.

Gallen: Yeah right.

Dugan: Maybe we need to have a couple of Bacardi Breezers to ease the pain of this loss. 

Gallen: Shut it Doogz. Your field goal attempt was woeful. You couldn't drop kick the broad side of a barn. Loz, mate, what was the actual game plan for tonight? 

Daley: Um...

Pearce: I know! To kick the ball really high.

Gallen: Well mate mission accomplished. You sure did that.

Pearce: I can kick the ball REAL high.

Hodkinson: He can. It's true. I saw him do it. 

Gallen: We all did! Talk about a one trick pony Pearce. Surely there was a game plan other than kick the ball really high.

Daley: No that was about the sum of it Gall. 

Gallen: Come on boys, we're up against a team who are all close to the pension age! Corey Parker is literally grey for Christ's sake.

Cordner: Yeah Gall's right, we need to take a long hard look at ourselves.

Gallen: Jesus! Boyd, where did you come from?? I didn't see you all night. I figured you must have missed the bus or something. Did you even play? Where were you? 

Cordner: I was here Gall. 

Gallen: Well I didn't see you mate. 

Merrin: No one did. I didn't even see you and I was supposed to be sitting next to you on the bench!

Hodkinson: How come no one passed me the ball? I could have kicked a field goal. I could have. 

Gallen: That's true, Trent was in position to take a field goal twice, why didn't he get the pill Robbie? What were you thinking?

Farah: My shoulder hurt. Hodges was really mean to me.

Woods: QLD were mean! Josh McGuire pulled my pony tail. 

Gallen: I've got no problem with that Azza. I want to pull your bloody pony tail too! You look like a drowned rat. Farah? I'm waiting.

Farah: My shoulder was really sore.

Gallen: Harden up you sook. Why didn't you set up a decent shot at field goal?!

Farah: Are you questioning my authority?

Gallen: I just want to know what you were thinking? You ran it and then gave it to Doogz of all people.

Farah: You're fired! 

Gallen: Ease up Robbie, this isn't West's mate.

Daley: Robbie says you're gone Gall. I have to ask you to leave. 

Gallen: What?

Farah: Tell your story walking Gall! 

Security: Time to leave Gall.

Gallen: (being dragged out of the dressing room) You can't do this! Farah, I'll get you for this! Pearce I swear you're a mole for the Maroons! It's not fair! 

Daley: Gee whiz. I'm glad he's gone. He was really negative. I'm proud of you lot though. Pearce you carried out the game plan to a tee. Stick with it for Game 2. Kick that ball high mate. 

Pearce: I can kick the ball high....



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