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Broncos Lose 2 Straight and Everyone Loses Their Mind

  • Broncos Lose 2 Straight and Everyone Loses Their Mind
Originally created on Brisbane Broncos by Aaron Robinson.

The following is a Stitch Up and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone at any time. 

After Brisbane's surprising loss to the Bulldogs last night, the Broncos' administration team has gone into meltdown. 

"I definitely think this is cause for alarm. We've lost two in a row! That puts us at fifteen wins and FIVE losses from 20 starts! We need to fire Wayne Bennett and tear up the contracts of at least half a dozen players after that performance." Said Chairman Dennis Watt. "This sort of haphazard tom-foolery is completely unacceptable." 

This seemed to be a sentiment shared by the Broncos ill CEO, Paul White. "Heads will roll," he said. 

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After the game captain Justin Hodges was frank in his assessment, "A couple of the boys are so ashamed of their performance over the last two weeks that they are considering hara-kiri. They've even gone down to Cash Converters to try and find a samurai sword. Not too many of them floating around sadly."

Coach Wayne Bennett was a bit more glib when asked if he now feared for his job after this second straight loss, asking, "Who are we? Manly?"

This new attitude seems to be rife throughout the NRL with every loss a team suffers causing massive turmoil throughout that club the following week. 

After each clubs loss coaches are getting fired, players are getting dropped, there have even been rumors of two assassination attempts and a hit 'n' run. 

One Sydney club has allegedly even adopted and put into practice the LA gang adage of "blood in/blood out". 

Ever the voice of calm Wayne Bennett added, "This is footy. You lose some."

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