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Jason Taylor opens up on Farah axing

  • Jason Taylor opens up on Farah axing

The following is a Stitch Up and shouldn't be taken seriously...or if you are pregnant. 

I sat down with Jason Taylor and had a frank conversation about last night's bombshell that the Wests Tigers have given captain Robbie Farah "permission" to look for another club.  

AzzA: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview Jason.

Taylor: No worries. 

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AzzA: So lets get right to it. The Tigers announced last night that they have given Robbie Farah "permission to investigate opportunities to continue his playing career at another club following the 2015 NRL season." What's that all about?

Taylor: Self preservation. 

AzzA: For the club?

Taylor: For me! We all know Farah brought about the demise of Tim Sheens and Mick Potter. What am I, an idiot? I'll be buggered if I'm gonna sit around with my finger up my bum waiting for that little Napoleon to make his move and add me to his hit list. It was simply a case of get him before he gets me.

AzzA: You know what Jas? You're not the dopey little stooge you present yourself to be are you? 

(Jason Taylor at this point winks at me)

AzzA: Farah revealed today that the club has told him if he DID decide to stay on that he would be playing reserve grade and only be training with the part-time squad. 

Taylor: That's right. And he's lucky to be getting those opportunities. The board had to persuade me to offer that much to Farah. I wouldn't have him playing in my kids' primary school team. In all honesty I've seen better hookers down at the Cross at 3am on a Monday morning. 

AzzA: Ha ha ha! But he's a club legend. Farah has been the corner stone of the Tigers since his emergence in 2003. He has literally shed blood, sweat and tears for the Tigers. He has played like a trooper for his club and pioneered NSW only series victory in the last 10 years as well as playing for his nation. Don't you think this is a little disrespectful? 

Taylor: Not in the slightest. Look, not only is Farah the puppet master of the past two coaches demise but he has this contract like Kim Kardashian's arse: heavily back-ended. 

AzzA: I don't understand. 

Taylor: He'll be on close to a million a season if he stays on. The club is in massive salary cap strife and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why until I saw Farah's contract. It's either give Farah the arse and build an actual team or keep Farah on and have him playing with a gang that I pick up at the local pub. 

AzzA: So Farah's is the only contract taking up a large chunk of the cap?

Taylor: And some yahoo called Chris Lawrence whoever the hell that is. 

AzzA: Sounds like you have your hands full. All the best Jason.  

Taylor: Cheers. 

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