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Gallen's open letter

  • Gallen's open letter

The following is a Stitch Up and shouldn't be taken seriously...or down to the shops. 

Paul Gallen decided to scribe an open letter addressing allegations that he swore at a young fan, swore at the young fan's father and then flipped them the "bird". 

I feel as though I have been unfairly painted as the villain in this entire saga. 

Let's get this straight: I was set upon and abused by a gang of small children and one of their Dads. The reason I may have reacted as has been alleged (that is not an admission of guilt!!)  is because I truly and honestly feared for my safety. Those children looked menacing! I thought perhaps they were part of a youth gang or something. 

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Then the clearly agitated father handed me a collector card from his son calling me a dickhead! Can you believe it? Me. A dickhead. It was outrageous! I gently passed the card back to the gentleman. He then proceeded to fling the card back at me not unlike a fatal ninja star throw. I was lucky to escape with my life. Honest. Those collector cards have extraordinarily sharp edges. I'm a professional athlete! I can't risk injuries like that. 

I truly do not recall having uttered the "F" word at either the children or father: thank you concussions! And I did not "flip them the bird" I was simply swatting at a fly with my middle finger. 

Let's be honest though. Those kids are lucky I didn't knock their teeth down their throat. My boxing training has taught me to react without thinking - something that comes easily to me actually. 

People should be congratulating me for keeping cool and not throwing knuckles! Instead everyone is criticizing me. It's just not fair.

It's not as if this is even the worst thing I've ever done either! I didn't grab anyone's nuts. Didn't instigate a fight. Didn't racially abuse anyone. Didn't bully any injured persons. Didn't make any offensive tweets. 

This is a non event in the grand scheme of things. Get over it. 


Yours truly, 

Paul Gallen.

(written with the help of my Mum)

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