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The Eoin Morgan/Steve Smith "Discussion"

  • The Eoin Morgan/Steve Smith "Discussion"

The following is a Stitch Up and shouldn't be taken seriously by any one at any time for any reason. 

Eoin Morgan was unimpressed with Australian Captain Steve Smith appealing for the dismissal of Ben Stokes. Stokes appeared to intentionally stop the ball from hitting his wicket with his hand preventing a run-out by Mitchell Starc. This culminated in an on-field "discussion". Our microphones were able to pick up what was said.

Morgan: What are you doing Smith? How can you appeal that? 

Smith: Quite easily mate, if Stokes doesn't stick his hand out Starc had him goooone. Dead to rights. 

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Morgan: Yeah but it was clearly an accident.

Smith: Excuse me? Say again.

Morgan: It was clearly an accident. Stokes was just reacting.

Smith: Yeah, reacting to save himself from being run out!

Morgan: Not at all. He was acting out of self-preservation. He clearly feared for his life!

Smith: How do you figure. The cherry was two foot away from him. It wouldn't have gone within a country mile of him if the goose hadn't stuck his hand out. This is a clear cut case of disrupting the field. 

Morgan: Disrupting the what? You can't just make up rules to suit yourself Smith! Come on now...

Smith: I'm not making up anything at all. Jesus Morgan, no wonder the Poms don't trust you in the Test squad, you don't know your cup from your coffee cup do you? 

Morgan: This isn't very sportsmanlike of you Smith. I'd go so far as to say you're acting contrary to the spirit of the game. You're a cheat!

Smith: What?! Appealing a clear out is contrary to the spirit of the game? Come here, I'll give you a knuckle sandwich you peanut!

At this point umpire Tim Robinson steps between the pair. 

Robinson: Cool it you two. What's the problem?

Smith: He just called me a bloody cheat!

Morgan: He would appeal anything!! Next thing he'll be appealing any old nick that goes through to the keeper or if the cherry hits the batsman's legs before the wickets! You're a disgrace! Bloody Aussies!

Robinson: Those are both legitimate means of dismissal: caught behind and LBW Eoin. Just as obstructing the wicket is a legitimate means of dismissal. To the best of my knowledge this is the seventh incident of it in history, but it's a bonafide rule.

Smith: HA! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it idiot. 

Morgan saunters off mid-conversation muttering about Smith being nothing but a big meanie. 


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