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Robbo Speaks to SKD After the Match

  • Robbo Speaks to SKD After the Match

The following is a Stitch Up and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone at any time. Seriously. 

Following his squad's embarrassing 31-12 loss to the Broncos last night, Trent Robinson pulled Shaun Kenny-Dowall aside for a chat. 

Robbo: Well mate that was an absolute shambles! An abomination! I know of single-celled organisms that could have put up more of a fight than you did out there. 

SKD: That's a bit harsh Robbo, I tried me best bro. 

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Robbo: (stabbing his finger into SKD's chest) Don't you get lippy with me you idiot. What was it? Did you have money on Darius Boyd being first try scorer or something? 

SKD: Nah, I just didn't see him coming through so fast. Honest Robbo. 

Robbo: You didn't see him? Are you taking the piss? Hellen Keller could see him coming! The pass hit him perfectly in the bread basket: it was the best try-assist of the game!

SKD: But...

SKD is interrupted by Robbo kneeing him in the pants department. SKD falls to the ground groaning. 

Robbo: This time the knee-bone takes down Kenny-Dowall. Ha!

Robbo walks off. 

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