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5 Things You Could Have Done Instead of Watch Cook's 263

  • 5 Things You Could Have Done Instead of Watch Cook's 263
Alastair Cook's Herculean 263 off 528 against Pakistan is being hailed as the third longest innings in cricket history.

Some people are labeling Cook as one of the greatest batsmen to have ever slipped on a cup while others are calling him as boring as Grey's Anatomy. 

With the innings lasting 13 hours and 56 minutes, we at the Stitch Up wondered how else you could have better spent that time. 

5. Watch the Entire Star Wars Saga

With a total running time of 13 hours and 8 minutes, you could have gotten up to speed with the state of the Jedi and the Sith ahead of the new Star Wars' film release on Deccember 17.

4. Fly to New Delhi from Melbourne

We all know India is cricket mad. With a flight time of 13 hours and 10 minutes you could have flown from Melbourne at the beginning of Cook's innings and arrived in New Delhi and still had time to get comfortable in a pub and watch the end of Cook's innings.

3. Drive from Brisbane to Canberra

Why on Earth anyone would want to drive 12 hours and 46 minutes from one boring city to an even more boring and circular city is beyond me. But why anyone would suffer through 13 hours and 56 minutes of Cook's batting is beyond me too. 

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2. Recover from a Massive Hangover

13 hours and 56 minutes sounds like just enough to time recover from one of the worst hangover's of your life. During that time you could talk to God on the white, porcelain telephone, swill down some Gatorade, get some KFC, swear that you will never drink again and not move from the couch. 

1. Watch the Entire 2015 NRL Finals series

Coming in at 723 minutes you are left with a comfortable 113 minutes worth of beer runs, toilet breaks, quickies or whatever floats your boat between games. This series culminated in the most exciting Grand Final of all time. The excitement of this Finals series is in stark contrast to Cook's courageous yet mind-numbing innings. 

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