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NRL CEO Dave Smith Quits. The Community's Reaction

  • NRL CEO Dave Smith Quits. The Community's Reaction

WARNING: The following is a Stitch Up and shouldn't be taken seriously unless you have a sense of humour. 

NRL CEO Dave Smith announced today that the "time is right" for him to step down from his position, effective November 30. The online reaction from NRL identities and commentators has been 

Geoff Toovey simply tweeted a picture of his bare arse with the words, "condolences Dave."

Ivan Cleary tweeted "Catch you at Centrelink soon Dave ;)"

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The Wests Tigers released an announcement on their homepage that simply read "Ding dong the Witch is dead!"

The Titans homepage had a message asking, "Who do we approach for further payment now?"

David Gallop tweeted a cryptic message of "Hahahaha!"

When asked for a comment Wayne Bennett simply grinned.

Referee's boss Tony Archer asked "Where does that leave us on the bloody shoulder charge then?"

Shane Flannagan boldly posted a photo of himself handing out peptides and champagne flutes to his players, while the whole Cronulla team gives the camera the finger. The caption read, "So long Smitty!"

Todd Carney tweeted "Who should I submit my resume for NRL CEO to?"


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