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Reggie Bush Suing City of St Louis Paves the Way for More Weird Sports Lawsuits

  • Reggie Bush Suing City of St Louis Paves the Way for More Weird Sports Lawsuits

WARNING: The following is a Stitch Up and shouldn't be taken seriously by any or at least three hours before swimming. 

Reports are emerging that San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush is planning to sue the city of St Louis after injuring himself during the 49ers loss to the Rams last week. 

Many eyes in the sporting world are following this case because if it is successful it is believed it will open the flood gates for a string of bizarre and frivolous sporting law suits the world over.  

Jake Carlisle of the St Kilda Saints in Australia's AFL is thinking of suing Snapchat after a Snapchat he sent of himself snorting drugs was leaked to a TeeVee show and aired, earning Carlisle a two week drug suspension. 

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The NFL's Ray Rice is planning to sue his wife Janay Palmer for bruising his knuckles and for the downfall of his public reputation. He is doing this despite his lawyers strong advice to the contrary. 

The Australian NRL's Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray are planning on suing the makers of pain killer Endone and energy drink Red Bull after their "accidental overdose". The lawsuit is believed to be for not explicitly stating on their packaging that it is not wise to take a fistful of their medication washed down with several cans of the energy drink. 

The NBA's Matt Barnes is planning to sue Indianapolis Pacers fans after they taunted Barnes about New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher sleeping with his estranged wife. The lawsuit is for emotional stress. 

Barcelona soccer player Louis Suarez is looking to sue Giorgio Chiellini for dental work after Suarez bit Chiellini during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Chiellini claims "Suarez had a messed up head full of teeth before he ever bit me."

Bear Grylls is planning to sue former NRL and Super League star Todd Carney for plagiarising one of his trade mark moves: drinking your own urine. 

The UFC is planning to sue Ronda Rousey for being too good. With an average fight time of two minutes and fifty-nine seconds - less time than a single round - the UFC feels they are not getting value for money out of their star. Fights are over too quick. 

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