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Titans Create New Scandal. Bookies Pleased.

  • Titans Create New Scandal. Bookies Pleased.

The new season hasn't even begun but a new scandal has already engulfed the Titans and the NRL as a whole. James Roberts' contract has been found to contain a forged signature on an amendment relating to State of Origin selection. This forgery has made his current contract null and void, technically making James a free agent. 

A senior member of the Titans has already stood down over the forgery of Roberts' signature. 

This current fiasco has left many in the NRL fraternity shocked, amazed and angry. 

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There is, however, one group of people quietly pleased with this latest debacle: bookies. This is because not a single bookmaker in the country had "contract forgery" as a betting option under the NRL's Next Scandal exotic bet. Every bet on this market is now easy money in their pockets. 

Bookmakers around the country had the following odds on the next NRL scandal:

Paul Gallen punches a child/fan - $2.00
WADA bans Cronulla - $2.35
Jason Taylor arrested for the attempted murder of Robbie Farah - $3.50
Phil Gould reveals he is actually bald - $5
Jarryd Hayne returns to Australia, plays lawn bowls instead of NRL - $7
Josh Reynolds is arrested for distilling dodgy vodka while on suspension - $13
Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray overdose on Yakult - $21
NRL star caught moonlighting as a transgender hooker in King's Cross - $51
Geoff Toovey become NRL CEO - $101

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