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Shaun Marsh: the new Shane Watson?

  • Shaun Marsh: the new Shane Watson?

The Australian Cricket selectors baffled the wider cricketing community by selecting Shaun Marsh to replace injured batsman Usman Khawaja for the Adelaide Test.

The selectors assured Aussie cricket fans that Shaun Marsh had learnt from his six previous droppings from the national Test side. "This will be lucky number seven for Shaun," insisted selector, Rod Marsh. "No one blows their seventh chance at anything. I mean, how could you?"

Well Shaun Marsh proved them all wrong today, showing that it doesn't matter if he is on his first chance or his seventh: runs can still evade him. Marsh threw his wicket away like a cheap, knock-off Rolex bought on the beach at Bali, stuttering between the wickets before McCullum had him run out. 

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With yet another abysmal performance, there is a strong feeling among the wider cricketing community that Shaun Marsh is exactly what the Australian cricket team has been missing since Shane Watson's retirement: an albatross around their neck. 

Like Watson, Shaun Marsh has built an almost mythic reputation on two centuries he scored in a land before time. Since then he has proved that he is ineffective with the bat, needs a baseball glove in the field and has the throwing arm of a two year old. 

It appears the Australian cricket team needs a no-hoper in the side to make the rest of them feel better. Any other Aussie cricketer could have an absolute stinker of a day, but they can always cheer themselves up by saying, "At least I'm better than Shaun."

Perhaps it's a way we can all get through those rough periods in life: "At least I'm better than Shaun Marsh."

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