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Top 5 Halves Pairings to Watch in 2016

  • Top 5 Halves Pairings to Watch in 2016

5. Josh Reynolds/ Moses Mbye - Bulldogs

Mbye, the new $2.5 million dollar man, will surely earn every dollar of his rumoured new contract. It is almost a guarantee that he will be left to steer the Bulldogs on his own or with some hapless fill-in while Reynolds sits on the sideline after being suspended for yet another truly unbelievable and psychotic incident. 

Bookies around the country are taking bets on what Reynolds' next big scandal will be. Caught distilling moonshine in the change rooms at ANZ Stadium? A Hopoate-esque incident paired with a squirrel grip, often referred to as a "reach around"? Taking off his shoe and attempting to stab someone with the spikes? Half the fun is in the surprise. 

4. Aidan Sezer/ Blake Austin - Canberra Raiders

This is one of the new halves pairings that will genuinely be a pleasure to watch. Austin and Sezer look as though they will compliment each other perfectly. Like the odd couple. The contrast of styles is unmistakable. There is the wild, exciting, unpredictable goatee of Austin matched with the sensible, well organised clean shaved face of Sezer. 

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It'll be interesting to see how they play footy together too. 

3. Jamie Soward/ Peter Wallace - Penrith Panthers

With new coach Anthony Griffin taking the reigns at Penrith the real games will begin. 

Wallace and Soward have been together - on paper - for a couple of years now but it's as though they have a demented tag-team style game going between themselves, just as one recovers from an injury, the other goes down. 

The thing to really look forward to with this halves pairing will be to see which one "Hook" Griffin drops first. Old enemy from the Broncos Wallace or misfiring midget Soward? Only time will tell. 

2. Ben Hunt/ Anthony Milford - Brisbane Broncos

One of the most exciting things about 2016 will be to see how much this halves pairing has improved now that they've had an entire season of experience together under their belt. Milford is a an absolute prodigy capable of anything and Hunt is...a butterfingers. 

It will be great watching Milford zip all around the field after every kick off to ensure Hunt isn't put in the awkward position of...catching the ball. 

Outside of that I'll be giddy watching this pair rip shreds through every other team. The Milf has a step bigger than the giant up the beanstalk and Hunt has a dummy bigger than a rambunctious toddler. 

1. Daly Cherry-Evans - Manly Sea Eagles

Finally, we get to see Cherry-Evans play the way God intended: on his own. 

No longer will Daly have to carry the likes of Keiran Foran. No. Now DCE can run free and unhinged, play like the living legend the Manly board clearly thinks he is. 

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