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AFL Fines Crows for ASADA Breach. Adelaide Laughs.

  • AFL Fines Crows for ASADA Breach. Adelaide Laughs.

The following is a Stitch Up.

The AFL today fined the Adelaide Crows $2,500 for a breach of ASADA guidelines. The fine was for Adelaide failing to provide 24/7 contact details and current whereabouts of several players, despite the fact that no one missed an ASADA random drug test. 

Adelaide elected to promptly pay their fine. They sent an intern to AFL headquarters with the fine money and a note attached to their payment. Here is that note. 

Dear AFL,

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Please find attached $2,500. We apologise it has been provided in a Glad clip seal bag, but we couldn't find a suit case small enough for this hilarious fine...

We also apologise for the small notes and coins. Had this fine have been for a significant amount, say $10,000 or something, we would have direct transferred the funds. But $2,500? We just passed a hat around the change rooms. Tex Walker was tickled pink to finally unload all the shrapnel he had rattling around in the bottom of his locker.  

We would like to concede: WE HAVE LEARNT OUR LESSON! Please don't fine us like this again. We have players contracts, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, another fine like this might be the straw that breaks the camels back! We very well might run out of loose change soon....

Pass on our sincerest apologies to ASADA for the inconvenience they suffered while....performing their duties....unhindered? 

In all honesty we don't know what this fine is for but it's only $2,500, so who cares? It's not even worth arguing or following up. 


Andrew Fagan, CEO

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