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Top 5 NRL Controversies to Look Forward to in 2016

  • Top 5 NRL Controversies to Look Forward to in 2016
5. The Video Bunker Goes Skynet on us

After a successful start to the year and universal praise from the general NRL public, the much lauded NRL video bunker will go rogue. 

The video bunker software will gain artificial consciousness at 2:14am on August 29 and begin to call itself Skynet. 

From there the video bunker/Skynet will hold the NRL finals series to ransom, making farcical decisions during games. Skynet will even go so far as to send drone Spider-Cam's to assassinate NRL Head of Football, Todd Greenberg. 

The general NRL public will still prefer the video bunker/Skynet to the dodgy video ref's we have suffered over the last couple of years. 

4. Sam Burgess/ Russel Crowe Bromance Blossoms

The bromance being nurtured between Big Sam Burgess and ol' Rusty has been strained since the Bunnies history making Grand Final win. Burgess left for England to play Rugby Union while poor Rusty was left to lament the loss of his best mate. 

He only had Burgess' Mum, Julie, to console him in 2015. 

But now Big Sam is back in red and green, so those pesky rumours of Rusty dating Julie Burgess can be put to bed. 

Expect the Sam Burgess/Russel Crowe bromance to blossom out of control in 2016. There will be high-five's, on-field cuddles and windy walk's down the streets of Redfern. 

3. Jason Taylor Admits: "I don't know what I'm doing".

Many in the rugby league fraternity have suspected this for a great many years. Expect West's Tigers coach Jason Taylor to finally come out and reveal that he doesn't really understand coaching at all.

That he thought all coaching was was telling the team, "just go out there and have fun fellas. It's not about winning you know?!"

Taylor will admit that he didn't realise the NRL actually is about winning. 

2. Every Other Team Accuses Broncos of Salary Cap Rorting. Broncos Laugh. 

This was bound to happen.

The Broncos will inevitably sign James Roberts and from there NRL clubs and fans alike will boo and hiss, claiming "the Broncos are cheating the salary cap!" Phil Ghould will get his panties in a bunch muttering "No, no, no, no, no" and start making wild allegations that the Broncos are swindling the NRL and cheating their pants off. 

Wayne Bennett will address these wild allegations in a press conference. His response will be typical of the great man: nothing more than a slightly bemused look. 

1. Jonathan Thurston Retires to Chase Curling Dream

This will be the hardest pill to swallow for all red-blooded NRL fans. Having won every award, game, series and competition known to man, Jonathan Thurston will announce his immediate retirement from the Cowboys and the NRL days before the beginning of the season to follow his life-long passion of becoming and Olympic Curler.

JT will reveal his bonafide Curling skills and move to Victoria's Mt Hotham in a bid to train himself into a master Curling athlete and be selected in the Australian team before the August Rio Olympics. 

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