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Dellavedova Working on New Tricks for the NBA

  • Dellavedova Working on New Tricks for the NBA

The following is a Stitch Up

After his antics against the Golden State Warriors in the Christmas day finals re-match, many American sports commentators and opinion makers have called young Dellavedova a dirty player. 

The young Cleveland Cavaliers point guard has improved his game out of sight this year but also seems to relish his "dirty" player tag.

We sat down with Dellavedova to have a chat. 

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Stitch Up: Matt, sorry about your loss to the Warriors yesterday. 

Dellavedova: Yeah, it sucks. 

SU: But on the bright side, everyone seems to be talking about you at the moment. Sure they might be taking the piss or calling you a dirty player, but hey, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, am I right?

D: Spot on. I don't get this dirty player moniker that everyone seems to be tagging me with anyway. I do whatever I have to to win the game. I'm a real team player. 

SU: Of course. But just between you and I, do you really mean to go at the oppositions legs all the time? 

D: Of course I do! Guy can't play basketball if he can't walk. 

SU: Fair enough...

D: But if they think I'm dirty now, they ain't seen nothing yet!

SU: What do you mean?

D: Well I'm working on a couple of moves I remember from Aussie sports and thinking of incorporating them into my game and revealing them to the U.S.

SU: Oh yeah? Like what? 

D: The Hopoate. If they think me hopping on Andre Igoudala and Draymond Green's back is bad, imagine how surprised they'll be when I stick my finger up Steph Curry's ass!

SU: Yep, that'll get the media riled up for sure. 

D: Also working on the "Squirrel Grip". Squeezing the oppositions nuts will surely be considered a very, very personal foul.

SU: Ha ha ha. 

D: Also thinking of working some of the old classics into my game. Wet willy's, wedgies, Chinese burns.

SU: Well keep up the good work Delly. We look forward to your next "tactic". 

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